Investing in UnderRepresented Founders and Emerging Managers Who Drive the Future of Learning and Work

We support tech-enabled, mission-driven startups and funds and leverage our experience as educators, venture capitalists, and ecosystem leaders to empower you to find the resources you need, so you can better serve your end user and customer.

About Us

Well-Versed in Education & Workforce Innovation

Bonsal Capital was founded in 1999 on the belief that seed-stage funding is critical to a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem, and that finding, mentoring, and supporting the right founders is paramount to ecosystem success. Our founder focus today is a more representative, more inclusive set of entrepreneurs.

Over time, we have validated tens of thousands of prospective investments and have garnered a reputation as pioneers in education and workforce technology investing. Working with us, you get more than an investment — you get a partner, with deep knowledge of and networks in the industry, who will help guide your company through its growth trajectory

By The Numbers

Direct Investments
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Underrepresented Founders

Our Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Underrepresented Founders, Leaders, and Emerging Managers

Bonsal Capital has made a concerted effort over the last decade to invest in and support underrepresented company founders and emerging venture managers. In fact, 80% of our active direct and indirect investments have done just that. We are proud of the impact these founders and leaders have had and will have as they scale up respective solutions.

Our Companies

We have partnered with and invested in over 30 education and workforce technology companies. Each company founder has a unique story to tell, and we have learned alongside them. Below are some of our companies.

Our Approach

At Bonsal Capital, we are a growth partner. For decades, we have worked alongside entrepreneurs, understand the needs of today’s “edupreneurs,” their end users and customers and make their success our priority. We’d rather open doors to prospects and investors, for instance, than offer a handout. With decades of experience as educators, venture capitalists, and ecosystem leaders, Bonsal Capital seeks to empower founders to find the right resources for their needs, to support the growth of their companies, so they can better serve their end users and customers.