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Bonsal Capital Celebrates 20 Years of Mission-Driven Investing

Announces first two investments in new leadership era 1999 was the final year of a dynamic millennium, a year with memorable national and global milestones. It was the year of…

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If EdTech Investment Scar Tissue Could Talk

Do’s and Don’ts from 20 years in the trenches It has been too long since I have been in the game, actively making new investments in education technology; I do partake…

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My Life as ‘Practice Coach’ — The EdTech Investor Part

The Journey from the Classroom to the Boardroom In the late 1990’s, as a full-time teacher-coach in Charlottesville, Virginia, with over a decade of part- and full-time teaching and coaching,…

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The Impact of a Portfolio

Mission-Driven Investing in Education Impact, mission-driven, or mission-related investing begins with discrete social goals and aims to yield tangible, scalable social + financial returns. To me, it is focusing on what you know,…

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Building and Scaling an EdTech Company

N.B. This post was prompted by a December 2014 Slideshare. Since the turn of the second Millenium, the onslaught of the dotcom bubble, and the rise and scale of the Internet,…

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